Flexible Seal Lids

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Why do we need a Flexible Seal Lids?

For safekeeping, for protecting our foods and drinks.

Most of the time our food are left unprotected and it results in a disease brought by flies or other flying things that land on our food.

Good thing we have the Flexible Seal Lids that can cover and keep our food safe from germs and bacteria.

Why buy our Leak Free Lid?

Simple, really. Our Flexible Seal Lids are made from food-grade material very much safe to be near foods. Aside from that, it is one of the most durable and high-quality lids out in the market. It won’t easily get holes or stretched too far that it can’t be used anymore.

We give you quality and longevity at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it a fit all lid or cover?
No, it is not. When you order you will get 6 pieces of different sizes fit for different sizes of containers and bowls.

I am afraid it will melt when put to a hot and steaming food. Will it melt so easily?
No, it will not. It has a strong resistance to heat and tempered so carefully that it will not melt just because of steam or heat.

How does it work?
The lid is made from silicone and is stretchable. When ‘stretched’ over a bowl it will stick to it and not slide. Keeping your food fresh and protected for a long time.

Is it only applicable to bowls and containers?
Actually, you can use it on fruits like avocado, watermelon, melon, grapefruit, etc. Anything that spoils easily can be covered by Flexible Seal Lids.

What if I have a square container or anything not round, will this still be useful?
Absolutely! The Flexible Seal Lid is stretchable thus you can fit it comfortably and snuggly on a square container.

Will this spill? I mean what if I somehow overturned my container or bowl?

No, it will not. It stuck and hugs your container real tight that it won’t spill even a drop of liquid. So don’t be worried because it will keep your food just the way it is.

Package Includes:
*6 pax seal lids ( a choice between the colors of WHITE, PINK, BLUE, and YELLOW).

Take the first simple step into protecting your food and your family through Leak Free Lid. The keeper of you and your food!