Fiber Waterproof Tape

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Why do we need a Fiber Waterproof Tape?

Leaks, breakage, holes, cracks, any type of leakage is really hard to give a solution to. Sealants take time to take effect, you have to let them dry out before you let them get wet. Like totally dry.

So impractical, takes too much time, and sometimes expensive. Then you don’t have a total guarantee that it will hold.

So we looked for a solution that will effectively take effect immediately, even if the thing you are fixing is submerged in the water. We give you the TAPE! A Fiber Waterproof Tape!

Why buy our Fiber Waterproof Tape?

Because of the following:

  1. Affordable
  2. Fixed leaks underwater, hence waterproof
  3. Can withstand upto 5 Bar or 500,000 Pascal of pressure. Imagine 3 tires of a healthy running car exploding, that is the strength that the tape can handle.
  4. Last for a long time
  5. An immediate solution to leaks and cracks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can this fix pipes and tube leaks?
Yes, so when a pipe or a tube breaks or cracks just stick a Fiber Waterproof Tape to it and it will solve the problem.

Can this work on roofs? What if it rains?
Yes, this works perfectly with roofs. And it doesn’t matter if it rains because you can leave it there and it will hold because it is waterproof.

Is it easy to remove this?
This stuff is super sticky so you will have a hard time removing this and might even destroy your any surface covers.

How long is the tape? How thick is it?
It is 5 feet long, 4 inches in width and 0.02 inches thick. Thin enough to be not that embossed in a surface.

Will this stick to anything?
Yes it will! Wood, plastic, PVC pipes, roof, name it and it will stick to it.


Package Includes:
*5 feet long roll of tape

A quick, easy solution to leaks and cracks. You don’t even have to spend that much and wait for it to dry until you can see its effects.

Let us go with the one with quick but long-lasting effects.

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