3-Ton Farm Jack

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Multipurpose Jack For Lifting, Pulling, & Clamping With Ease!

“It works so well and has made many projects go much quicker than I had expected. I bought a T-post puller and went from an hour post digging to 1 minute with the jack. It also lifted my tractor with ease and hoisted a chicken coop to add wheels with no difficulty. Wish I had bought this sooner!” - Harold D.

Why Buy Our 3-Ton Farm Jack?

VERSATILE: It is easy to use, with its built-in lifting mechanism that ensures safe lifting and a quick-release pin to remove the foot piece for a hassle-free operation. It is great for lifting tractors, heavy trucks, pulling posts, or poles. It is also used to stretch a fence, recover a vehicle or uproot saplings.

EFFICIENT: This jack is ideal for pulling, clamping, spreading, and lifting a tractor or 4-wheel drive vehicle from off-road and rough environments. It comes with a handle keeper that can hold the handle in an upright position to keep it in place when not in use and eliminates rattling during transportation and storage.

HEAVY DUTY: Made of high-strength steel with a zinc-coated clamp and spreader attachment, making it durable, anti-rust, and corrosion resistant. It has a load capacity of up to 3 tons with a minimum lifting height of 4.7" and a maximum lifting height of 43.3". It also has a lifting arm that can adjust to any position with a ratcheting design for a controlled lift. 


  • It can be used horizontally and vertically for easy operation.
  • Lubricating Oil is also recommended when using.
  • Never stand too close to an object you are lifting. 
  • The jack will drop directly when there is no external force, or the weight is less than 176lbs

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this device come with a base like if I'm on soft grass?

A: No

Q: Will this work with a 03 Hummer H2?

A: Yes


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