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Travel with style and security with this multi-functional yet stylish bag!

Why do we need an Expandable Backpack?

Whether it's for convenience, security, or saving tips this bag is the one you need. 

You don't need many bags to carry all of your things, or you don't need to pay for extra baggage, you don't even need a plastic to cover your bag because it is water-resistant. 

Expandable Backpack is the bag that will carry all of your things, protect it, and seal it. 

Why buy our Expandable Backpack?  

It has a LARGE CAPACITY. Carry all your essential stuff wherever you go. It has 24L capacity for daily use and expandable to 40L for business travels.

It is VERY DURABLE. Made with high-quality materials with excellent durability intended for long term use.

It has a 2-WAY CARRY STYLE. You can carry it in your back or by hand. You can even put it at top your luggage for easy carrying. 

It has a WATER RESISTANT DESIGN. The fabric and the zipper are designed to be water-resistant to give protection to your valuables inside your backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Question: What is the use of the USB port?
Answer: The unique addition of a USB port enables you to connect power banks or laptops, and you can use to recharge your mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. It is great for people that are ideal for people on the go.

Question: Is this bag durable?
Answer: It is made with high-quality materials with excellent durability intended for long term use. Designed with high-density sponge and mesh back, making it comfortable, breathable, decompression and vibration resistant.

Question: Is the bag water-resistant?
Answer: The backpack is designed with water-resistant fabric and water-resistant zipper design, never worry about your devices and other things inside your bag getting wet in the rain or unexpected splashes of water onto your bag.

Question: What is the capacity of the bag?
Answer: This backpack has a 40L capacity, you can carry all of your essential must-haves like textbooks, other gadgets (aside from your laptop) and necessities that’ll get you through the day.

Question: Are the straps comfortable?
Answer: The bag is designed with wide and soft straps for comfortability, and the bag is built with a strap compartment to hide the shoulder straps if you want to carry it by hand.

Question: What is the size of the bag?
Answer: This bag is designed to be expandable, from 24L daily use to 40L travel use. A great bag for everyday work and a bag for business travel purposes. 

Package Includes:
*1 expandable backpack
35x15x47cm in 24L
35x25x47cm in 40L

Travel in style, comfort, and security. No more need to pay for extra baggage fees or lose your things. Never even have to worry about getting your things all over the place!

Have it organized and in one place with the Expandable Backpack!

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