Ergonomic RGB Keyboard

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Level up your gaming/working experience! 🖥💯

“A great addition to my gaming setup! I even bought one for my dad to use in his office. I love how you can adjust the lights, and adjust the height of the keyboard. Very convenient.”

- Max Ferron

Without an Ergonomic RGB Keyboard VS using an Ergonomic RGB Keyboard

✅  ERGONOMIC: This keyboard has a wrist rest feature allowing comfortable resting of wrists when typing, and a stand at the back to adjust the height of the keyboard, resulting in working for a long time without fatigue.

Non-removable wrist rest

✅  LED LIGHT: It features rainbow-bright backlit light to enhance gaming/working setup, and making it easy to accurately type even in the dark.

Ergonomic RGB Keyboard with LED Light

✅  MULTIMEDIA SHORTCUTS: This 104-key keyboard features 12 multimedia shortcut keys, making gaming/working experience more efficient.

12 multimedia shortcuts

✅  SILENT: You can type smoothly in this keyboard without the keys making any sound. 

Quiet and comfortable

✅  DURABLE: The keyboard has been tested for 5 million clicks, assuring longer use. 


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I adjust the lights?

A: The lights can be turned on/off or adjusted by pressing these keys:

How to select backlight option

⚙️  Specifications:


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