Ergonomic Memory Foam Wrist Pad

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"Used to suffer from wrist pains a lot. This is so much better than a regular mousepad! Really happy about this." - Pat Hamilton

How Does This Keep You Comfortable? 👨‍💻😌

✅ Ergonomic: Designed with Soft Curves, reducing the pressure of using the mouse. The wrist rest is ergonomically designed to protect the wrist from direct contact with the tabletop.

✅ Comfortable: Features Slow Rebound Memory Cotton to support the wrist, Rebounds in 2 seconds for long-term stability! Keeps your wrist at a comfortable level.

✅ High Quality: Made of PU Memory Foam that's lightweight and soft. Improve your comfort and work efficiency while working at home or in the office!

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the bottom part keep it in place?

A:  Yes! The bottom part of this keeps a firm foam grip regardless of the bottom desk surface.

Q: Can this be folded up and still keep its shape?

A: Yes, the memory foam will retain its original shape even if it is folded up for packing or used all day.





📦 Package Inclusions:

👍 1 x Ergonomic Memory Foam Wrist Pad

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