Engine Hoist Sling

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Easy Engine Swap!

"Compact allowing me to get engines into places that the standard long load levelers can't. Very easy to swivel the engine too. The ends are eyelets and are pre-bent for you. All around this is a high-quality piece. I wish I knew about this years ago honestly. Love this thing.- Sam Beal

Why Buy Our Engine Hoist Sling?

✅REPLACEMENT: The Engine Hoist Sling replaces the normal chain of your engine hoist and lifts up your engine with incredible power. Unlike a normal chain sling, this one needs no repositioning of the chains. It has a capacity of 2,000 pounds with a 3-to-1 safety factor.

✅VERSATILE: This sling with its mountain cleats works on any engine and also works for transmissions. You will find yourself being thankful that you have this as it is incredibly versatile.

✅ADJUSTABLE: It is adjustable to either side at a 45-degree angle. The lever lock moves in ¼” increments and is turned by a ½” ratchet or breaker bar. This makes it extremely safe as well as there is little chance of crossover.


  • For best performance, occasionally apply lubricant to the drum body and cable front and back. We recommend a spray lubricant or white grease. 
  • To use it, you need a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the weight rating of this sling?

A: It is rated for 2,000 lbs with a safety factor of 3-to-1 (6,000 lbs).

Q: How deep can you tilt the engine?

A: It tilts up to a 45-degree angle.


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