Electronic Fuel Flow Meter

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Accurately Measure Your Fuel Flow!

This device was purchased to allow the measurement of diesel fuel delivery from an electric fuel delivery pump. Without it, I was checking the level in the tractor several times during the fill since I had no way to judge the amount delivered. This device could change the reading from liters to gallons which I found a real plus.” - Howard R.

Why Buy Our Electronic Fuel Flow Meter?

ACCURATE: This flow meter can accurately measure diesel, gasoline, kerosene, methanol, water, and more. It shows the instantaneous and cumulative flow readings on display with a precision of ±1%, giving you the exact measurement. 

CONVENIENT: It can switch between liters, gallons, pints, and quarts to meet your different needs and is suitable for the flow rate of 10-100LPM (2.6-26GPM). It also has a 1” NPT thread and a maximum working pressure of 6 Bar for convenient operation.

HIGH QUALITY: The flow meter is made of aluminum housing with a stainless steel turbine, making it durable, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting use. Also, it has a PCB circuit board, which gives you high precision and efficiency. 


  • It is powered by 2x AAA batteries which are NOT INCLUDED.
  • Do not forget to remove the battery when not in use.
  • The display will go off after 2 minutes of no operation and will automatically turn on when there is liquid flowing through it; you can also press any key to turn it on.
  • Keep in mind the flow direction through the meter is only allowed for installations in the direction of the arrow.
  • The liquid flow rate can be measured again to ensure accuracy. Different liquids correspond to different calibration coefficients. Each time you change the liquid, you must calibrate in advance and adjust.
    • To change the units, press and hold both the “CALIBRATE” and “DISPLAY” buttons until the unit twinkled, then press “DISPLAY” to change the unit, and press and hold the “CALIBRATE” button to save the change until displays turn to “0.000”.
    • Press “DISPLAY” to reset before refueling.
    • If there is an error in refueling, press and hold the “CALIBRATE” button, and it will display a coefficient. The default coefficient is 1000.
    • Each digit in the second digit after the decimal point represents 1 liter of oil. For example 1.03 of 3 means 1 liter, if you want to add one liter less oil, adjust to 1.02. After adjusting the data for 3 seconds, the screen will automatically reset to zero.
    • If you want to add 5 liters less oil, change it to 0.98. You can refuel ten seconds later.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this waterproof?

A: No

Q: If used with water, what is the maximum temperature the water can be?

A: The maximum temperature is 70℃, which is 158℉.

Q:  Can I use it in a vertical position and work with potable water?

A: This flow meter can be used for vertical water pipes, but you need to pay attention to whether the water in the pipe is full. Therefore, the direction of water flow is best from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. Otherwise, the air in the pipeline will affect the accuracy of the flowmeter.


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