Electric Fingernail Trimmer

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Why do we need the Electric Fingernail Trimmer?

It’s hygienic, it’s convenient and most of all it is very safe when you bring it or you use it- things you’ll never get if you’re still using the traditional metal clippers we’ve grown to use.

This is what Electric Fingernail Trimmer is all about! It lessens the inconvenience of cutting your nails bit by bit with the always-present possibility of cutting your skin too. And it’s safe to use for everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean babies, with their soft, delicate fingers and elderlies too!

It’s easy to operate (cause it’s battery-operated) that even kids can use it on their own. So anytime you see the need to shape, file or trim your nails or your babies’ nails, the Electric Fingernail Trimmer is the easiest, safest, hygienic and silent nail trimmer you can use so others will not be disturbed by your trimming (especially the sleeping babies).

Why buy our Electric Fingernail Trimmer?

From the word itself, our Electric Fingernail Trimmer uses power from 2AA batteries to function, which means it’s easier for anyone to use it because it trims nails on its own without you having to constantly push and exert effort to cut your nails, you just have to turn its power button on.

It is hygienic because it trims nails like a nail file wherein the part of the nails you want to trim becomes powdered which can be easily stored and disposed of unlike cutting nails that can fly just everywhere, making cleaning a hassle .

There’s no danger of flying cut nails anymore or danger of skin cuts or injuries with this product because it has two adjustment settings for gentle and hard trimming. It comes with five sand-paper-textured cushion grinding heads and one round stainless steel.

The color-coded grinding heads are specific to how old the baby is with one for adults’ use together with the round stainless steel also dedicated for adults’ use. The motors produce a buzzing or grinding sound but quiet enough (whisper-quiet) that you can trim a sleeping baby’s nails without waking him or her up.

Plus it has a small led light near the head so you’ll see where you’re cutting. You can use it for your kid’s safety or you can use it to cut trim and shape all in one! It is compact, portable and safe for youngsters and adults alike!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What battery does it use and is it included?
  • It uses 2 AA batteries and no, it’s not included in the package.

  • Will this hurt my baby’s skin especially that it grinds the nails?
  • No, it has a very gentle motion that won’t hurt your child’s delicate skin but will effectively trim his or her nails. It also has very soft, buzzing (whisper-quite) noise to not disturb your child when he or she is asleep and lessen the distraction when he or she is awake and you want to trim his or her nails.

  • Do the nail grinding heads work on the hard nails of adults too?
  • Actually, there are six accessories that come with the body of the fingernail trimmer color coded for specific use: the green one is for babies 0-3 months old; the two cream-colored sand-paper cushion heads are for babies from 4-11 months and the blue head is for the babies from 12 months and beyond.

    Meanwhile, the blue stainless steel grinding head and the round stainless steel grinding head are for adults’ use. Note that when the nails are too hard and one grinding head won’t work for it, you can use the other grinding heads to level up the performance of the grinder but do so carefully as each head functions differently in performance.

    • What is the material made of?

    The main body or the nail trimmer body is made of high quality, ecological ABS plastic while the grinding sand-paper textured cushion heads are made of soft cushion and sandpaper for babies to keep them protected from cuts and injuries and one flat steel head and one round steel head for adults’ use.

  • Does it have settings for speed?
  • Yes, it has two-speed adjustments from gentle to the strong rotation of grinding to make sure that even the stubborn nails can still be trimmed and shaped.

  • Can I use this for my baby’s toes?
  • Definitely! And even when you’re baby’s awake and jerking off, this won’t cause any cut or injury as long as the cushion head’s right and the setting is right too.

  • What is the size of the product?
  • The product dimension is 5.5 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches (14 x 4 x 3 cm).

    Package Included:

    1x Nail Trimmer

    6x Grinding head


    Flying nails, rusty nail cutters, and noisy trimming- now is the moment to end it all with our Electric Fingernail Trimmer! It’s your portable, safe and hygienic buddy for cutting, trimming and shaping your nails. A must have for you or your baby’s nail care kit!