EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor

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Replace Your Old & Broken EGR Sensor With No Hassle!

I got this sensor because the old one broke while replacing the valve cover gaskets. It fits perfectly and is easy to install. I also checked that the engine light is gone. Saved the day!” - Jack N.

Why Buy Our EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor?

✅ REPLACEMENT: This EGR sensor is a bolt on style, which is a direct OEM replacement for those vehicles with 2 mounting bolts. It is responsible for measuring the pressure at the exhaust and intake on the EGR tube. Your car counts on this sensor to read correctly so that the engine receives the right amount of exhaust gas.

✅ SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: It ensures that your vehicle will work in its optimum condition once replaced. It solves performance problems such as decreased power and acceleration, rough idle, poor fuel mileage, emitting a strong fuel smell, or stalling at idle speeds. A faulty EGR sensor may also cause you to fail emissions inspection.

✅ COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with most Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Mercury vehicles from 1994 to 2010. 


  • Please check if your car will fit this sensor before purchase.
  • Interchange Part Number: 1L3Z9J460AA, 3S4Z9P449AA, 98BB9J460AB, E4ZZ9J460B, F48E9J460BA, F48E9J460BB, F4ZZ9J460B, F6DZ9J433DD, F77E9J460AA, F77E9J460AB, F77Z9J460AB, F77Z9J460AB, F7CZ9J433AH, F7DZ9J433AA, F7UE9J460AA, F7UE9J460AA, F7UZ9J460AA, F8CZ9J433CA, F8RZ95460AA, F8RZ9J460AA, F77Z9J460AB, F77Z9J460AB, F7UE9J460AA, F7UE9J460AA, F7UZ9J460AA, AJ9318211, AJ9318215, ZZM320302, ZZP020302, ZZP220302, SU2108, SU2150, TS10163.

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Does it work on flex-fuel vehicles?

    A: Yes 

    Q: Will it fit my 2001 Ford f-150 XLT V8 Triton?

    A: Yes, it fits.


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