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Never make a mess or eat shells again when cooking or eating eggs!

Why do we need an Egg Opener?

Have you experienced biting on something hard while munching on your egg sandwich or omelet?

Well, it happened to me many times. 

The culprit? None other than myself. When I crack an egg there are some parts of the shell that is mixed in the egg itself resulting in the shell being eaten.

Cracking an egg yourself is messy and sometimes unhygienic. It is sticky and slimy and it easily breaks.

To avoid such thing happening use an Egg Opener. This ingenious tool can help you easily, effortlessly, and orderly cook an egg.

Why buy our Egg Opener?

It helps in making food fast and easily. Hold the egg cracker over a bowl or a pan and squeeze the handle to crack the raw egg quickly, without any mess or bits of shell. 

Of course, it opens eggs effortlessly. Save time and effort and be more efficient when opening eggs.

No more messy hands. The functional lever design egg cracker allows you to open a raw egg quickly and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Does the egg stay in place? What if they slide or fall?
Answer: Designed with a double leaf tray for a stable hold of egg, and prevents the egg to fall down. This egg opener opens eggs easily and does not produce broken eggshells, no messy hands, and kitchen.

Question: It is practical to use?
Answer: Designed with physical lever principles, head springs, and stable egg trays. Save time and effort and be more efficient when opening eggs.

Question: Is the material safe?
Answer: The egg opener is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, safe and hygienic, durable and no rusting worry, and it is dishwashing safe. A great tool in the kitchen and for baking.

Question: Is the egg opener comfortable to use?
Answer: Fish-shaped appearance, streamlined handle. Comfortable and effortlessly crack eggs that separate the eggshell perfectly. No more picking of broken eggshells.

Question: Can it be used to smaller size quail egg?
Answer: The egg opener is perfect for all sizes of eggs. Can be also used on a raw, hardboiled egg, or raw eggs for baking. A perfect partner in your kitchen and baking.

Package Includes:
*1 egg opener

Never make a mess or eat bits of the shell again with the Egg Opener. Try one now and see how effortlessly you can make your breakfast or sandwiches with this tool.

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