Easy Dog Training E-Collar

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Easily Train Your Dog with this E-Collar!

Tired of your dog's unnecessary barking and chewing on your furniture? Remove the bad and heighten the good behaviors of your dog with this Easy Dog Training E-Collar!

Why do you need an Easy Dog Training E-Collar?

Having a pet dog could be really fun but training them could be really hard. But you don't have to do that single-handedly! You can get an instant guide with this Easy Dog Training E-Collar!

They are scientifically designed to train your dogs by alerting them about their behaviors. It minimizes bad behaviors such as unnecessary barking, biting, chasing, and plenty other more through shock therapy.

Aside from this, it can help your dog develop tricks like sit, come, stay, and follow through sound conditioning. Let them remember a beep is for a good dog!

You can ditch the leash and use fewer treats when training your dog!

🐶 To Pet Owners:

Though it's tried and tested by other dog owners, you still have to fully observe your dog’s behavior towards the collar. If your dog displayed erratic behavior, make sure to adjust it accordingly. If the reaction still persists, switch to another command.

Why buy our Easy Dog Training E-Collar?

✅ Customizable Training: It has a variety of dog training commands:  Static Stimulation, Vibration, and Beep mode.  It lets you determine the most effective way to train your dog. Its Static Stimulation also comes with 99 adjustable levels to assure comfort for your dog. 

 Perfect for All Dog Breeds: It comes with a collar that can be adjusted from 9.8 to 24.8 in, perfect for 15 to 100 lbs dogs! From pugs, poodles, bulldogs, beagles, corgis, to labradors!

 Far-Reaching: It is perfect for indoor and outdoor training with its far-reaching command up to 330 yards.  You don’t have to worry about your dog running around!

 Teach Swimming: It can help you teach your dog how to swim as it comes in IPX65 waterproof design!

 Safe: It comes with Security Keypad Lock to avoid accidental shock when training.

 Long Battery Life: The collar can last up to 15 days while the transmitter can last up to 45 days when on standby. Charge it on your computer, laptop, and power bank through the USB charging cable that comes with the package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it reduce my dog barking?

A: Yes. It can reduce your dog barking. Full supervision is required as you will observe your dog’s behavior in line with the E-Collar command.

Q: Won’t the shock mode hurt my dog?

A: No. It won’t hurt your dog. However, if he behaves more erratically than before, you may wish to switch the level or switch to other modes: light, beep, and vibration.

Q: Can my dog wear it always?

A: No. You should remove it after the training as it has connection points that may hinder your dog's sleeping and resting cycle. 

How To Use:

  1. Attach the receiver to the collar.
  2. Attach the wrist lanyard to the remote.
  3. Connect the remote to the receiver.
  4. Attach the collar to your dog’s neck.
  5. Test the three modes: beep, vibrate, and shock. Observe your dog’s reaction to each command.
  6. Start with the lowest level of shock mode and progress to higher levels slowly.
  7. Choose the command that you will use. Shift modes depending on your dog’s reaction.

⚠️ Caution:

  1. Full supervision is needed in using the product as you will observe your dog’s behavior.
  2. If your dog displayed erratic behavior on command, make sure to adjust it accordingly. If the reaction still persists, switch to another command.
  3. Attach to the dog's neck only. Do not place it in other parts of the dog’s body.
  4. Remove once the training is done. Its connect points may affect the sleeping and resting cycle of your dog.
  5. Observe proper intervals within the commands as it may cause more erratic behaviors.
  6. Do not dismantle the receiver as it will affect its waterproof feature.
  7. The item is for dogs only. Do not use it with other animals.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces

Package Inclusions:

✅ 1 x Remote Control
✅ 1 x Receiver
✅ 1 x Collar
✅ 1 x USB Cable
✅ 1 x Remote Control Lanyard
✅ 1 x User Manual

No more unnecessary barking and running with this Easy Dog Training E-Collar! Train your dog without hassle. This item is selling fast so grab yours now!

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