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Why do we need a Dust Vacuum Brush?

It is not just a brush and it is not just a vacuum, it is a vacuum brush. It combines the cleaning power of a brush and the siphoning of a vacuum.

It removes and absorbs the dust and dirt that accumulated throughout the time.

It is hard to clean that moreso when you have a cleaner that does not do a thing.

Good thing we found you a cleaner that will make your cleaning duty so easy. So easy it is like wiping your worries away.

Why buy our Dust Vacuum Brush?

Because our brush is very efficient in sucking’ the dust away. It is has small tubes that may seem like a brush which also functions as vacuum tubes. Brushing and cleaning the mess in one.

You can use it to clean your cars, aircon filters, inside of the shoe, cabinets and carpets. You just have to be creative on where to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long are the brush tubes?

They are 13 inches long. Long enough to stick down in tubes and nooks and cranny and sipped the dust and dirt away.

What is this made of?

This is made of flexible but durable plastic. They are safe to use, and very much eco-friendly.

How does this work?

The product itself works very much like a manual vacuum. The vacuum created inside the main tube is the one sucking the tube.

Is this electric?

Nope, it is not. It works just like a brush but with a built it vacuum.

 Package Includes:

1 x vacuum tube brush


Picks up dust like no other, this is the Dust Vacuum Brush. It's your ultimate solution to pet hairs, dust, dirt, and any small or micro-dirt.

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