Dual Brake Caliper Compressor Tool

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Compress Your Brake Pistons Easily!

Durable and Easy to Use! I've tried almost every standard method for pushing back or retracting brake pistons, but this is by far the easiest and fastest I've found for non-ratcheting, dual-piston calipers.” - Brian T.

How Convenient Is This? 

✅ Efficient: This tool makes dual piston pad compressing and replacement a simple job.

✅ Easy to Use: Simply squeeze the tool handle until the plunger comes into contact with the inboard brake pad. Continue squeezing to compress both pistons.

✅ Convenient: It weighs 2.19 lbs and this tool can compress dual brake pistons simultaneously.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to use the dual on a single piston?

A: It was designed to work with dual pistons. 

Q: Is this tool made in USA?

A: Yes, this tool is made in USA.

Q: Can I use this on any vehicle?

A: As long as this fits your brake calipers, you can use this tool.


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