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Effectively Blocks Outside Air and Downdrafts💨🚫

“This product is fantastic! I had a downdraft in my dryer vent when I moved into my new apartment, and the dryer from below would vent into my dryer. This has been stopped by the damper.  It's easy to set up.” – Brian Meyers

How Efficient is this?🧐

Reliable: The draft blocker or backdraft damper is designed to be used in ventilation ducts. The backflow damper automatically opens and closes. It has a solid spring and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Since it is entirely inside the vent, the flap is ideal for retrofitting. The damper has 2 valves, designed for use in air conditioners (AC), dryers, exhaust, extractor or range hoods, heating ducts, vents, and other HVAC applications

Flexible: At low air volumes, the backflow flap automatically opens and closes. It comes with a smooth-running spring and an internal foam strip to prevent the blades from rattling. Back draught valves may be used in flexible or rigid ventilation ducts.

Convenient: Mount the backflow flap by pushing it through the ventilation pipe until it stops. For horizontal installations, the spring should be placed horizontally so that it can open and close as efficiently as possible. The Backdraft shutter is set up such that the damper blades only open in the direction of the outflowing air. 

🧾Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of this product?

A: A draft blocker or backdraft damper is a device installed in the duct system that prevents outside air from entering your house. Dampers are constructed with blades that allow air to flow out of the house in one direction, trapping cold air outside.

Q: What is the exact size of this draft blocker?
AYou can choose from 4 inch and 6 inch for this draft blocker.


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