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A Must-Have Diagnostic Tool For Electrical Troubleshooting At Your Home!

Is the switch on or off? Is this wire conducting the electricity or is it broken? How much current is flowing through this led? How much power do you have left on your batteries?

No more scratching your head at malfunctioning appliances, or electrical wiring issues at your home. With this device, troubleshooting your home and household electronics using one of your toolkit's handiest instruments.

Why do you need our Digital Multimeter?

Digital Multimeter is a great troubleshoot partner for most of the common electrical issues at your home such as:

  • Testing Rechargeable or Car Batteries
  • Testing Fan Motors
  • Checking wall sockets & outlets
  • Checking Extension Cords
  • Sorting Through old light bulbs
  • Spotting hot wires
  • Finding bad switch
  • Reading Electrical Outlets
  • Continuity Testing: check circuit board if broken, check whether cables are broken

It will quickly and easily diagnose your electrical issues, and detect potential malfunctions at your home appliances.

It’s a convenient diagnostic package with features like the ability to measure voltage, current, continuity, resistance, and perform diode tests.

Using this device also ensures the safety of your home’s electrical systems.

You can now do your own electrical diagnostics at home, save you time and money from electricians costly diagnostics.


Why buy our Digital Multimeter?

Our Digital Multimeter gets your measurements faster and more consistent than the analog multimeter.

It has an LCD display  and LED backlight that can be read from any angle or even in dark places. The results displayed on the digital screen are very easy to read.

To save its energy, it has an Auto-Off mode about 10 minutes after usage.

It is widely applicable for household or even in your car. Measure multiple electrical quantities such as:

  • Current - the flow of electric charge
  • Voltage - the amount of electrical pressure. This is what makes electric charges move.
  • Resistance - a measure of the difficulty of passing an electric current through a substance. It explains the relationship between voltage and current. 
  • Capacitance - the ability of a system of electrical conductors and insulators to store electric charge when a potential difference exists between the conductors.
  • Diode - an electronic component with two electrodes (connectors) that allows electricity to go through it in one direction and not the other direction.
  • Transistors - an electronic component that can be used as part of an amplifier, or as a switch. It regulates current or voltage flow.
  • Continuity - the presence of a complete path for current flow. A circuit is complete when its switch is closed.
  • And more!

Having all-in-one tool to measure these, means you won’t have to buy and switch between multiple tools while working.

It also has built-in support backstand for hands-free use, and durable rubber cover that protects the multimeter from dropping & falling accidents.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the common use of multi-meter in the household?
Answer: It is used to check wall sockets and most of the home appliances that are using AC voltage, and also it can be used to check batteries and other devices that use DC voltage.

Question: Can it be used for electronic devices such as TV?
Answer: Yes, you can use the multimeter on circuit boards for checking diodes, resistors, capacitors and other components of electronic devices.

Question: Why multi-meter is important when doing electrical work at home?
Answer: Multimeters are absolutely necessary for any type of electrical work. Using a multimeter helps determine if wires are hot or not. Without knowing these measurements, your home could be in danger of electrical fire and you could be putting yourself at risk.

Question: Can it detect live wire without direct contact?
Answer: This Digital Multimeter is equipped with an NCV (non-contact voltage) function. Turn the rotary switch to the NCV gear and close to the lead being measured, the buzzer will alarm while the backlight will flash when the instrument detects AC voltage without any direct contact to terminals.

Question: How to keep the measured reading on the display?
Answer: The Digital Multimeter has a dedicated "HOLD" button to maintain the last measured reading on the display.

Question: Does it have protection for overload?
Answer: This multimeter is designed with Overload protection, built with double fuse to provide high-security during usage.

Question: Is this multimeter accurate?
Answer: The multimeter has a fast transmission with 3 times/second. Built with high-performance chips make them more functional and highly reliable and accurate.

Question: Does it have a battery indicator?
Answer: The Digital Multimeter has a battery indicator on the LCD display to know when the battery needs to be replaced, it is also designed with Automatic turn-off after ten (10) minutes of not being used.

How To Use

Measuring Voltage:

  1. Set the mode to V with a wavy line if you’re measuring AC voltage or to the V with a straight line if you’re measuring DC voltage.
  2. Make sure the red probe is connected to the port with a V next to it.
  3. Connect the red probe to the positive side of your component, which is where the current is coming from.
  4. Connect the COM probe to the other side of your component.
  5. Read the value on the display.

Measuring Resistance:

  1. Plug the red probe into the right port and turn the selection knob to the resistance section.
  2. Then, connect the probes to the resistor leads. 
  3. Read the value on the display.


  • If your multimeter reads close to zero, the range is set too high for a good measurement. Turn the dial to a lower setting.
  • If you set the range too low, the multimeter simply reads 1 or OL, indicating that it is overloaded or out of range. This won't hurt the multimeter, but we need to set the dial to a higher range.

Checking Continuity:

  1. Set the mode to continuity with a speaker icon.
  2. Make sure the probes are connected to the port.
  3. Connect each probe to each end of the connection
  4. Read the value on the display.


  • A continuity test tells us whether two things are electrically connected: if something is continuous, an electric current can flow freely from one end to the other.
  • If there's no continuity, it means there is a break somewhere in the circuit. This could indicate anything from a blown fuse or bad solder joint to an incorrectly wired circuit.

❗ WARNING: To test continuity you should turn off the system! Turn off the power supply!


Safety/Compliances: IEC61010 CAT.III 600V over voltage and double insulation
Measurement Speed: Updates 3 times/second
Auto-showdown Time: 10 Minutes
Operating temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
Storage temperature: -10~50℃ (14~122℉)
Dimension: 5.90 x 2.75 x 1.96 inches (150x70x50mm)
Weight: Approx. 195g

AC Voltage:

  • Range and Accuracy: 200V/600V± (1.2%+10)
  • Frequency Range:40Hz~400Hz
  • Overload Protection: PTC 600V DC or AC RMS.

DC Voltage:

  • Range and Accuracy: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ± (0.5%+2); 600V± (0.8%+2)
  • Overload Protection: PTC 600V DC or AC RMS.

DC Current:

  • Range and Accuracy:2000μA± (1% + 2);200mA± (1.5% + 2);10A (3% + 3)
  • Overload Protection: F200mA/250V Fuse F10A/250V Fuse.


  • Range and Accuracy: 200Ω± (0.8%+3);2KΩ/20KΩ/200KΩ± (0.8%+2);20MΩ ± (1.2%+3)

Package Inclusion

1 x Digital Multimeter
1 x Pair of Test Leads
1 x User Manual

A digital multimeter is an indispensable tool for testing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting electrical circuits, components and devices. The user-friendly design makes it easy, safe and efficient to operate, even for the most novice of users.

If you like to DIYs, do car maintenance or troubleshoot electronic or electrical equipment, a Digital Multimeter is a handy accessory to have in your home toolkit.

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