Digital Borescope

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No Need For Phones, Apps, or WIFI!

"After having multiple phone-based scopes fail, I decided to just buy a dedicated scope. This is built so much better. The cable is longer, thicker, and holds its shape when bent, the accessories thread on so you don't lose them inside whatever you are scoping, the camera thread onto the display with a collared insert instead of a USB plug, and the display is excellent." -Victor D.

Why Buy Our Digital Borescope?

CONVENIENT: No more phones, applications, or WIFI needed. It comes with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen that allows you to perform live analysis on your project and to view HD photos and videos instantly. Also has a unique 360° image rotation function. Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, which can continuously work up to 3-4 hours

HIGH-QUALITY SNAKE CAMERA: It's IP67 waterproof and has 6 adjustable LED lights to ensure clearer images even in dark environments or underwater. It has a 16.5 Ft semi-rigid cable that can 360-degree rotation and holds its shape to access a wide variety of confined places

WIDE APPLICATION: Designed for inspection in pipes or areas which are not viewable by the naked eye. It is widely used in fields such as car maintenance, mechanical inspection, pipe repair, household appliance inspection, house maintenance, wall structure inspection, and sewer/ drain inspection, etc.


  • Best focusing distance 1 - 4 inches makes inspections easier.
  • The side mirror needs to tear off the protective film, side mirrors will be made clearer.
  • Please choose a 5V/1A adapter plug, otherwise, the battery life will be affected.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this require any apps?
A: No need to install apps for this.

Q: Can I transfer images to my computer?
A: Yes, this has a memory card so you can transfer images to your computer.

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