Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

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Style: Double-Row
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Effortlessly Shape, Bevel, And Smoothen Concretes!

"I liked that it fits my grinder as expected. I used it with a shroud and a shop vacuum, and it does the job to your grinders and operator’s ability. It can smooth out variations in concrete; it's great for flooring work. I highly recommend it!- Erwin D.

Why Buy Our Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels?

✅VERSATILE: The grinding wheels are designed for grinding concretes and field stones with ease. It’s Ideal for beveling, smoothing, and shaping with excellent performance. The double row and super turbo segments of these grinding wheels' configurations allow for faster material removal that is suitable for all types of stone like; concrete, ceramic, tile, marble, granite, rock, cement, and more.

✅COMPATIBILITY: It has a ⅞” hole arbor that fits most 4.5”, 5”, and 7” grinders. Compatible with most grinding machines and angle grinders to quickly remove thin set and excess materials on your surface. Aside from using this for surface finishing on concrete, and natural stones like granite, it can also be used to remove glues, epoxies, and thin sets. 

✅EFFICIENT: Both grinding wheels have 18 teeth to ensure the grinding effect with high precision and good result. With its brazed double-row and super turbo design, the grinding wheel grinds sharper with silent heat dissipation holes to keep your grinder wheel cool.


  • The grinding wheel can be used on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • NEVER remove the protective machine guard, and make sure it is properly adjusted to deflect debris away from you. While working, ensure that no other person is at risk, especially near the machine.
  • We recommend the use of the following personal protective equipment:
    • Eye protection
    • Ear protection (ear sets)
    • Hand protection (gloves)
    • Lung protection (dust mask, also called respirator)

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this fit on a Skill grinder?

A: Yes, it fits any 4 ½” grinders.

Q: Should this be used flat against the concrete surface or at an angle?

A: It can be used in two positions, depending on the work you need to do.

Q: Can I use this grinding wheel on wood?

A: This disc is made for grinding all types of stone materials. We don't suggest you grind wood with this wheel.