Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map

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Why do we need the Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map?

YOLO (You Only Live Once!) might not be everybody’s motto but when you deeply think about it, there’s truth in it. The reality is, you only get to spend one life that might still be too short to experience everything about the world so while you can, make the most of it!

Meet new people, try to immerse into other cultures, visit places you’ve always wanted to see and places you’ve never dreamed you’ll be able to see in a lifetime. The world is full of limitless possibilities and as you discover more of  life you have the World Scratch Map to take account of every new experience.

The Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map lets you keep track of all the places you’ve been to and keeps you motivated to explore more places in your #wanderlust! It is a big visual itinerary and a physical memento of all the beautiful places we’ve visited and the wonderful experiences connected to it.

Why buy our Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map?

Your travel will never be “goals” without our Deluxe Edition Scratch Map. With the large-sized detailed map of the world covered by luminous copper foil that you can scratch like a scratch card to reveal the country or city you’ve been in, you’ll be more excited to roam the world for more #travelgoals!

It’s a classy luminous display in your room or in the living room to inspire both your traveler and non-traveler friends to step out of their comfort zone and try out new things. Our scratch map isn’t just a mere map of the continents but also includes the countries and cities just above it to give you more details to enjoy scratching.

The black background and copper design will make you want to show it off at your wall inside a frame. Just a single deluxe edition world scratch map and you’ll be set for a lifetime of travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Does it come with any packaging or map holder to keep the map from getting scratched when you carry it around?
  • It comes with a protective cylindrical tube in minimalist design that holds the map clean and scratch-free. The packaging from shipping this product is different and separate from the tube. The tube map holder makes the map very portable when you want to bring it while you travel or when you bring it to someone as a gift.

  • What other uses can this map serve me aside from being a display?
  • First off, you can give this as a gift to your loved ones and travel-holic friends too to support them in their wanderlust! With its classy luminous design, you can frame this and make this an elegant display at your house. It can also serve as an educational map for teaching kids at home or if you’re a teacher to make learning more exciting and engaging for kids.

  • What’s the size of the map?
  • The map is large with dimensions 16.5 x 11.8 inches (42 x 30 cm).

  • What material is the map made of?
  • The map is made of thin paper with glossy copper coating in black background.

  • Will the glossy cover come off if I use a damp cloth to wipe the dust from scratching some parts?
  • No, you can definitely use cloth, be it dry or damp, to wipe off dust from scratched coating without the fear or worry of getting the whole coating off the map. The coating is durable.

    Keep track of all your wanderlust using our Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map. Every moment of exploration and discovery is gold so keep it in a classy, inspiring memento that you can use for a lifetime of adventure!

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