Deck Board Straightening Tool

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Easily Straighten Your Boards

“It's been great having this tool around! A deck wouldn't be done without it. I could straighten the lateral bend of hardwood decking boards alone rather than me stumbling around on my knees while attempting to use my body weight to do so.” - Eddie N.

Why Buy Our Deck Board Straightening Tool?

EFFICIENT: Nearly all naturally occurring deck wood slats have a bend to the left or right. This tool removes the bow, allowing you to create a neat deck with evenly spaced boards.

CONVENIENT: This tool is made of steel and can be used to push or pull depending on the situation. Locks into position so you may drive nails into it and enable accurate and fast deck installation.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used with 4x4 joists?

A: No, it was designed for smaller deck boards, and it's too thick to bend the 4x4.

Q: How do I push the tool?

A: Once the tool has reached the joist, you may push or pull the board into the proper position and, in certain cases, it will lock so you can release the handle and drive the screw or nail.


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