Deck Board Straightener

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One Man Decking Operation!

"As a professional deck and fence builder, this is a must-have. It makes it a doable job for one person, you can clamp it in place while you put your clips in place, eliminating the need for another hand. Absolutely worth the money, I should have bought one sooner! - Jake Simmons

Why Buy Our Deck Board Straightener?

✅USEFUL: The Deck Board Straightener helps you straighten out bent boards quickly and easily. It fits single and double joists up to a 3.5” width. Works with all decking materials and is a true one-man operation tool. Once the tool locks in, you no longer need to hold it and you can begin to fasten the board down to the joists without needing the help of another person.

✅QUALITY: This tool is made with high-quality anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that will withstand the normal stresses of working with deck boards. The handle is made of beautiful hardwood that will provide you with a good grip and leverage when it comes to straightening out deck boards.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Works with single or double joists of 3.5” width
  • Leave a gap between boards and don't bunch them up without any gaps.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it fit a joist that is 4” wide?

A: No, this product can only fit joists up to 3.5” wide.

Q: Can it straighten out more than one board at once?

A: Yes, it can do so with its 1100 bending force.


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