Data Protection Roller

Color: Red


One Swipe Data Protection!

Scared of identity theft? Worried about your personal data being exposed? This Data Protection Roller will level-up your personal security with just one swipe

Why do you need a Data Protection Roller?

Have you ever received parcels and letters with unknown sources? How about calls, texts, and emails from unknown individuals giving offers? You might be a target of scams, or worse, identity theft!

Truth is, it might be your recklessness with the things that carry your information that puts you in those situations. That’s why you need a Data Protection Roller!

Encrypt your printed data on your documents such as names, contact numbers, bank information, and address and avoid identity theft and scam with just one swipe!

Why buy our Data Protection Roller?

✅ One Swipe Protection: Protect your privacy by encrypting your printed personal information with oil-based ink patterns on the paper. No need to do it twice as the ink penetrates both sides of the paper!

 Easy & Convenient: No need to shred documents or pile them up in a cabinet just to guard your personal information. In just one swipe, your data will be undecipherable to anyone!

 Compact: Made of high quality plastic body that is lightweight and handy so you can secure your data privacy anytime and anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it need to be refilled by ink? 

A: Yes. It has an ink cartridge in its body where the ink refill is placed. 

Q: Does it work on all types of paper?

A: It works on the types of paper that can absorb ink. This excludes glossy papers.

Q: Does it rub off with alcohol?

A: No. It will not rub off with alcohol. When exposed to water, both the ink of the printed texts and the data protection roller will be smudged.

How to Use:

  1. Determine the section of the document that needs to be encrypted.
  2. Swipe the Data Protection Roller. Make sure all portions of the text are erased by the ink patterns.
  3. To refill the ink, just open the top portion of the container and fill up the ink cartridge. Remember to squeeze a little on the ink refill while placing inside the cartridge.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.4” x 2.4” x 1” inches

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Data Protection Roller with ink

Avoid being a victim of identity theft and scam! With just one swipe of this Data Protection Roller, your personal information will be safe and secured. Grab one NOW!