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Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller
Data Protection Roller

Data Protection Roller

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Why do we need the Data Protection Roller?

It’s a good day. Somebody rang your doorbell. You walked out the door to see who it might be but upon opening the door you only saw a package. And in it is the dirtiest, ugliest, scariest, most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen. You’ve been pranked. Or threatened. Or worst, been stolen of identity…

Sounds familiar, right? Everyday, people from near and far receive weird and horrendous parcels with source they knew nothing about. And it doesn’t end there. What about the unfamiliar letters in your mails? There were the calls and texts and emails of unknown individuals giving offers or blackmails. SCAM.

You’ll wonder how they found you. But little do we know that it’s our recklessness with the things that carry our information that puts us in a perilous position.

In an advanced era where data privacy is one of the world’s leading concerns, being careful with our information and the things where our information is visible from is the least we can do, ultimately, to protect ourselves. That’s why we need the Data Protection Roller.

Why “our” Data Protection Roller?

Our Data Protection Roller allows you to protect your information such as names, contact numbers, bank information address and the like in such a way that by rolling it onto personal and confidential information in documents, encrypted pattern in oil-based ink prints on the paper to hide the texts that needs to be hidden to protect your privacy.

This is very useful especially when you don’t always shred documents and instead just stack the documents or recycle them. In just one swipe, your data will not anymore be decipherable to thieves and people with bad intentions.

It is made from high quality plastic body that is lightweight and handy and can easily be used. And yes! One swipe is all it takes. You don’t have to swipe and press on the other side of the paper because the ink penetrates paper easily to also make sure your information is unreadable to the other side of the document.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the size of the product?
  • The product size is 1.4” x 2.4 x 1” inches or (3.5 x 6 x 1.8 cm)

  • Does the product come in different colors?
  • Yes. It is available in red, blue, and purple. Please refer to our color variant below.

  • Does it need to be refilled by ink? Are ink refills included?
  • Yes. It has an ink cartridge in its body where the ink refill is inserted. Ink refills are not included when you purchase the Data Protection Roller.

  • How can you refill the ink?
  • Just open up the top of the container with an ink cartridge, get the ink refill out of the container and replace the new ink refill in the cartridge. Remember to squeeze a little on the ink refill while placing inside the cartridge.

  • Does it work on all types of paper?
  • It works on the types of paper that can absorb ink. It will not deliver its purpose on glossy papers because the ink will only smudge, get easily erased and won’t penetrate.

  • Does it rub off with alcohol?
  • No, it will not rub off with alcohol but the ink is not waterproof.

    Package Includes:

    * 1 Data Protection Roller with ink

    Protect your privacy and keep your information secured from thieves and other hooligans using our Data Protection Roller. In as easy as a swipe, your information will stay confidential.