Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

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Effortlessly Hardwire Your Dash Cam For 24/7 Protection!

This kit is great and works perfectly! It permits the 24/7 operation of the dash cam. The installer had no issues with it and does what it is expected to do. Lots of cables made it easy to install in an SUV. I highly recommend it if you want the full-time operation of your dash cam.” - Drew L.

Why Buy Our Dash Cam Hardwire Kit?

PROTECTION: This hardwire kit can easily connect to your car’s battery or fuse box power for continuous power supply to your dash cam, giving you 24 hours surveillance. It can even supply power when the vehicle is turned off and has the function to automatically cut off the power once it detects your car battery reaches a low voltage of 11.6V or 23.5V, preventing it from draining the battery.

EFFICIENT: It has a built-in precise switching power supply module that can transform 12V/24V to 5V, ensuring a safe and stable connection. It also comes with 4 types of fuse adapters (low-profile mini fuse, mini fuse, micro 2 fuse, and ATO (regular) fuse) to use based on your vehicle’s needs.  

WIDE APPLICATION: The hardwire kit accepts voltage from any type of vehicle that runs on 12V-24V and works perfectly for cars, trucks, buses, SUVs, or big rigs for continuous power. It is also compatible with most mini USB devices, such as dash cam, mirror cam, GPS navigator, radar detector, and more.


  • Install with the ignition in the OFF position.

  • Do not strip any live wires.

  • Correct electrical polarity and grounding are required for safe and proper installation.

  • Only connect to a negative ground DC supply circuit.

  • Not for installation to positive ground circuits.

  • If you don't have experience installing the hardwire kit for the dash cam, please ask a professional for help.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the mini-USB right-angle or left-angle?

A: It is right-angle.

Q: Will the cam be able to record 24/7?

A: Yes

Q: Is it possible to connect 2 cameras with this?

A: No


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