Cup Blender

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Color: Green
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Why do we need a Cup Blender?

A cup blender? What even is that, right??

I know it might be confusing but it is the most convenient cup you’ll ever encounter and use in your entire life.

It is an infusion of cup and blender. It is portable and rechargeable so you can bring it anywhere and blend your choices of concoction anytime.

You’ll get your green smoothie fixed on the go whenever and wherever you need it. Just have your rechargeable Cup Blender with you all the time.

Why buy our Cup Blender?

Aside from having the duality or combination of a cup and a blender it is rechargeable and keeps your smoothies fresh with its tightly sealed rubber-tip lid. It also comes in colors of BLUE, PINK, VIOLET, and GREEN.

It is very easy to use too. When you want your fruits mixed just press the button and small miracle cup blender will do the trick of giving you one of the nicest smoothies there is. You can clean it up easily too because the entire body is removable so you can have easy access to the blender blades making it easier to reach and clean the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the entire Cup Blender heavy?
It is no more than 500 grams in weight when not in use so you can carry it easily.

How strong is the blending capabilities of the Cup Blender?
It has an RPM of upto 20,000. Meaning it blend any fruits even bananas really well and leave it smooth.

How do you recharge it?
The Cup Blender comes with a USB connector where it serves as the line for you to charge it in any ports. You can even charge it on your PC.

Is there a handle for this mini-Blender?
Yes, there is a cute handle much like the ones you see on the tumblers and other reusable water bottles. It has a great grip so you can carry comfortably.

How many can it contain?
It can contain not more than 1 liter so we suggest that you do not fill it to the brim with fruits and water so it can blend your smoothies well. We suggest filling it up to half an inch before the lid for optimal usage.

Package Includes:
*1 rechargeable blender base
*1 removable cup
*1 detachable lid
*1 USB connector

Be healthily convenient with this innovative Cup Blender! Providing you with fresh and healthy fruit smoothies on the go. You can bring it anywhere and drink from it anytime. Convenient, high-quality, and very modern. This is how you do healthy living in 2019, with Cup Blender.