Computer Keyboard Stand (Set of 2)

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Type better, type comfortably! ⌨👌

Computer Keyboard Stand (Set of 2)

I love these! I’m working from home and I’m always experiencing wrist strain so I decided to purchase this. It really adds comfort, I also love that it’s reusable.” - Katrina F.

✅  ERGONOMIC: This Computer Keyboard Stand adds height to your keyboard, with a stable support at any angle you choose, creating comfort and reducing wrist strain. It has a non-slip rubber foot that grips onto any desk surface.


✅  PORTABLE: It’s compact, lightweight, and includes a protective travel tube for storage and convenient portability for travel.

Without Computer Keyboard Stand VS with Computer Keyboard Stand

✅  REUSABLE: It features a Micro Suction Grip Pad technology, allowing it to be cleanly removed and repositioned as desired. It is also washable for longer use.

Micro Suction Grip Pads

✅  VERSATILE: This stand can be installed on any type of keyboard. The package includes two (2) stands, the larger stand is 1.37 inches high while the smaller stand, which you’ll find inserted inside the larger unit, is 0.87 inches high.

Computer Keyboard Stand (Set of 2)

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I apply/install this?

A: Applying this to your keyboard is easy:

Q: Is this washable?
A: Yes, if it gets dirty or not holding securely anymore, simply rinse it with warm water, rub gently with your finger, air dry, and it will be good as new again!
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