Computer Case Power Supply Reset HDD Button

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Power and Reset Button Made Conveniently Reachable!

"Relatively easy to install if you are knowledgeable of computer hardware. This button makes switching your PC on and off easier and hassle-free especially if it's under the table. No more crouching and sometimes bumping your head while reaching for the button!" -Edgar V.

Why Buy Our Computer Case Power Supply Reset HDD Button?

HDD LED LIGHTS: It's solid blue when it's on, and flicker pieces of red when your computer is loading or doing something memory intensive. The amount of red corresponds with how much strain your computer is under, so it's easy to tell if your computer is off or just sleeping when you return.

2 BUTTONS: There are two buttons on the Switch. One is a power button in the center and the other is a reset button, it also has two switches (Power, Reset) and three LEDs (Power, Hard Drive Activity, Sleep). It also comes with a Metal Sleeve over the cable that sits nicely in the card-slot cover to prevent the cable from being accidentally pulled or disconnected from the mainboard.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this as a reset button?

A: You can use this as a power button, reset button, or both. It has 2 buttons, one for power and another for reset.

Q: Can I see my HDD status through the LED?

A: Yes, you can see the light surrounding the power button. It flickers when the HDD is processing information or data.

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