Collapsible Pet Water Bottle

Size: 18 Oz
Color: Pink


Quench your pet’s thirst even when on the go!

“This is the BEST pet water bottle I have bought. It has everything you need for convenience! It has a locking mechanism so that there's no leaks or spills and a foldable bowl for the dog to easily drink out of. And it’s  smaller in size which is easier to carry around. This is a must have!” - Andrew G.

How Can This Help Hydrate A Pet Anytime, Anywhere?


  • This Pet Water Bottle features a collapsible water bowl that also acts as a cap when folded, so you won’t need a separate bowl. It’s also smaller in size compared to other regular pet bottles, making it compact and portable. It has a straw so you can get every last drop of water. 
  • To prevent water leakage, there’s a sealed silicone gasket inside the cover. In addition, the 18oz variant features a waterproof lock on the cap and the 21oz variant features a leak-proof lock on the neck.  


✅   SAFE: The bottle is made of HDPE stock, the water bowl is produced with food standard silicone and is BPA-free, and it has no smell. Making it safe and non-toxic for your pet.

✅   LARGE CAPACITY: The 18oz variant has a 520 ml capacity and the 21oz variant has a 600ml capacity.

✅   EASY TO CLEAN: The parts are detachable so it is easy to clean. 


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use this?  


Step 1: Unfold the water bowl.

Step 2: Open the leak-proof lock. If you have the 18oz variant, open the lock through the cap. If you have the 21oz variant, open the lock through the lock on the neck. 

Step 3: Squeeze the water bottle to let water flow to the bowl. 

Step 4: Close the lock to stop the water from flowing back into the bottle. 

Step 5: Let your pet drink through the bowl. 

Step 6: When your pet is finished drinking, open the lock to let the water flow back inside the bottle, or you can throw away the remaining water in the bowl. 

Step 7: MAKE SURE to close the lock before collapsing the bowl to prevent the water from leaking. 

Step 8: Collapse/fold the bowl, then you’re done! It’s that simple. 

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