Collapsible Measuring Wheel

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The New Generation of Measuring Wheels! 💯

Using the collapsible measuring wheel on large areas
“Very easy to use, makes it easier to measure wide areas. It only took me a few minutes to measure my entire yard!”
- Joe Vera


Quick and easy measuring with the collapsible measuring wheel


  • This measuring wheel can make an accurate and reliable measurement for up to 9,999 feet in straight or curved lines. It has an easy-to-read display counter in feet and inches.
Display counter
  • It features a quick-release latch or a reset knob, for easy resetting of the measurement to zero.
Quick-release latch or reset knob
  • It has a folding kickstand and a built-in starting point arrow / original location marker.
Folding kickstand

✅   LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing just around 4 pounds, this measuring wheel can be folded twice, making the length adjustable from 40 inches to 15 inches, and easy to transport and store in the included backpack.

Collapsible measuring wheel


  • This can be used on a variety of indoor and outdoor projects and perfect for taking measurements of large areas. It can be used by builders, real estate appraisers, construction or landscaping workers, or homeowners.
  • It can be used for measurement in grass, dirt, gravel, sand, and even when it’s raining.

Using the measuring wheel

✅    DURABLE: This features a wear-resistant rubber wheel, making it sturdy and durable, and less likely to break while going over rocks or obstacles.


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use this?

A: This measuring wheel is easy to use:

  1. Place the tool exactly where the measurement starts. Rotation is proportional to length, so it’s important to keep starting and ending points precise.
  2. As you walk, keep a steady pace. Changing pace can affect the wheel’s rotation.
  3. When you reach your ending point, pick the device up or use the kickstand. This avoids any further wheel rotation.
  4. Record your measurement.
  5. Then, you’re done!

Q: How thick is the wheel?

A: The rubber wheel has a thickness of 9mm or 0.35 inches.

Q: Does the package include a bag?

A: Yes, and it also comes with a tape measure! 

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