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Why do you need the Cocktail Shaker?

Shaker. I knew it! That frown you just made upon reading the word translates to how you think mixing drink in a shaker is nothing but a hassle.

But admit it, aren’t the greatest shindigs the ones where somebody’s dancing to the beat of the shaker in a mini-set up bar? Doesn’t the sweetest date nights the ones where a special drink mix oozing with effervescence are being served?

You might not be the patient and persevering type of person but cocktails are definitely part of your happy, lonely or long nights and so therefore it’s a must that you have at least one cocktail shaker that can exactly give you the drink you need for both the peaceful nights and loud parties. You need nothing more and nothing less than the Cocktail Shaker!

Why buy our Cocktail Shaker?

We understand your need of efficiently mixing up drinks to deliberately brighten other people’s day or shake up a mocktail you wanted to try for your own so we bring you a Cocktail Shaker that will not just give you quality drinks but will make the process of mixing up much easier.

Our Cocktail Shaker is made up of purely durable, high quality and food-grade stainless steel to keep you safe while ensuring that the ice, the drink and all other ingredients are mixed perfectly together to form a taste you’ll never experience by simply stirring.

It’s a 750 ml metal bottle shaker that already comes with an easy to attach upper body and cap with built-in drain for an easier, faster and more secured use.

So liven up the shindigs or add character to that mocktail you’ve always wanted with your own technique using our Cocktail Shaker!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How much volume can this shaker hold?
  • The shaker is 25.36 oz (750 ml).

  • Does it come with other tools like a mixology set?
  • Definitely. We want you to get the best out of your drink so along with the 750 ml (25.36 oz) cocktail shaker, we’ve included a jigger tool, a cocktail muddler, a mixing spoon and two (2) liquor pour spouts with dust cap covers- all the basic accessories you’ll need to create the perfect sip.

  • Does it leak?
  • Not when you seal it correctly. Just a tip also especially for beginners, you can hold both ends of the shaker with both hands while mixing and shaking so you can ensure that no expensive liquor will go to waste. But the shaker seals tightly, you just need to place the parts correctly and get the hang of shaking using only one hand eventually.

  • Is it dishwasher safe?
  • Of course! There’s no worry of bpa or toxins in the materials because the shaker and its accessories are certified food grade.

  • Can I mix cocktail and mocktail here?
  • Definitely. You can shake up cocktails for friends here or mocktails to be enjoyed by the whole family. The shaker also comes with a built-in strainer to filter ice and other ingredients in the mix.

    Package Includes:
    *1 750 ml cocktail shaker bottle
    * jigger tool
    *cocktail muddler
    *mixing spoon
    * 2 liquor pour spouts with dust cap covers

    Try out mixology using our Cocktail Shaker and spice up parties, gatherings and date nights with a flavorful drink of unique character!

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