Reusable Cup Holder w/ Handle

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Designs: Ponkan with Navy Strap
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Easily carry your drinks in style!

The problem with coffee-to-go nowadays is that you can’t carry it easily.
It is either the coffee cup carrier is awkwardly placed that it might topple over in one wrong move or you just can’t carry your drinks because the cup sleeves are not enough to stand the heat.
So what can a person do to have their dose of coffee or tea in a hectic day? 
Maybe, you can try this Reusable Cup Holder w/ Handle.
This one enables you to carry your drinks with just two fingers easily. Without you being scalded by the heat of the cup or it spilling over the brim.
With this holder, you can carry it anywhere without worry and use your phone at the same time!
Isn’t that convenient?

Why you should really get yourself this Reusable Cup Holder w/ Handle….


  • ECO-FRIENDLY – This Reusable Cup Holder w/ Handle is made of cotton, it is environment-friendly, reusable, and washable.
  • FITS MOST CUP SIZES – The product fits most paper and plastic cup sizes from coffee shops.
  • 2 WAY HOLDER – There are two ways on using the Reusable Cup Holder w/ Handle, with 3-4 fingers grip, and flip the cup holder inside-out to get the 1 finger grip.
  • MULTIPLE DESIGN VARIANTS – The Reusable Cup Holder has 10 different designs to choose from. The designs are Ponkan with Navy and Orange handle, Cute Puppy with Navy and Orange handle, Plain Brown, Plain Blue, Plain Yellow, Brown Stripe, Blue Stripe, and Yellow Stripe.


  • NO MORE HOT PAPER CUPS OR SUPER COLD PLASTIC CUPS– This cup holder will protect you from hot or cold cups so you can enjoy your coffee or tea while it’s hot or even iced cold.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE – Hold your cup of coffee or tea with your mobile phone or other devices at the same time. Choose your comfortable grip to hold your things, from 3-4 finger grip or 1 finger grip.
  • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE - You can use this forever! Well, not really but as long as you take care of it and wash it every now and then this can be used for a long time.
  • SELECT YOUR DESIGN – Choose from 10 different designs to match your outfit or just choose your desired color to show your style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What are the color options?
Answer: There are ten color option as stated in the options.
Question: Can I use this with small paper cups from coffee shops?
Answer: Yes. It fits most sizes of paper coffee cups.
Question: How to clean this holder?
Answer: This cup holder is made of cotton and it is fully washable.
Package Includes:
*1 reusable cup holder with handle with a choice between 10 variants
In a hurry? Need your daily coffee fix but you can’t just peacefully carry your coffee and work at the same time?
No more worries because REUSABLE CUP HOLDER W/ HANDLE is here to help you with your dilemma.

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