Cable Tie Fastening Tool

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Tighten and Cut Cable Ties With One Hand!

“Been using it for a few weeks now and I have no complaints. It is a very sturdy all metal tool with a nice tightness adjustment feature. The tool automatically cuts the strap when desired tension is reached.” - Lloyd G.

Why Buy Our Cable Tie Fastening Tool?

EASY TO USE: This heavy duty zip tie fastening tool smoothly tightens cable ties as you squeeze the handle and has a built-in cutter that removes zip tie ends cleanly. Just simply feed the zip tie, select the tension of the loop from a range of 1 for a looser loop to 3 for a tighter one, and it will automatically cut off the end when desired tension is reached. This has a maximum tie width of up to ¼” wide.

CONVENIENT: Designed for a one-hand job that can easily tighten and cut cable ties. Each stroke provides a secure grip with minimal recoil and improves tightening accuracy. This can also easily access hard-to-reach spaces and features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

RELIABLE: Its cutting jaws are concealed in the housing and will only release when a zip tie is loaded. The zip tie ends are also cut flush, leaving no sharp edges and can be used for automotive, aviation, DIY, Hobbies, and many more.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are zip ties included?

A: No, just the Cable Tie Fastening Tool

Q: Does this work with Stanley Steel Ties?

A: This tool is for plastic nylon ties only, it does not work with steel ties.

Q: Can this be loaded with Nylon Cables?

A: No, this is used to strap and cut one at a time and can't be loaded. 

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