Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen

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Fits Door Size: 34''X82''
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Effortless Way to Get Rid of Bugs!

Want to make your house insect-free but don’t want to use harmful chemicals for your kids? Prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering your house with this Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen!

Why do you need a Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen?

Exterminating mosquitoes and flies in your home is a must since they bring diseases like dengue, malaria, and typhoid. Some of the ways to get rid of them are either ineffective or dangerous.

The use of insecticides and fogger machines are dangerous to kids, pets, and people with a medical condition. On the other hand, you still have to get rid of killed bugs when you use electric zappers.

This is why a Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen is a must-have!

It's safer and easier to prevent insects from getting into your house rather than killing them inside. Aside from this, its one-time installation can save you time, effort, and money compared to weekly fogging.

One of the easiest solutions for most of your insect problems!

Why buy our Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen?

 Durable Material: Unlike other brands that are made of light polyester fiber, this one is made of durable fiberglass micro-mesh that can better block the entry of small to large bugs! Use it in your front door, back door, patio door, workshop, or even on your RVs!

 Hands-Free Safety: It comes with 26 magnetic locks that automatically open and closes allowing for hands-free entry. No need to open doors for your pets!

 High Compatibility: It comes in 4 sizes that can fit doors with sizes of 34"x82",36"x82", 38"x82", and 47"x80" with enough space allowance for the installation.

 Energy Saving: Now that you don’t have to keep your doors closed because of the bugs, you can leave your doors open, and lessen your use of air conditioners and light bulbs! Let the wind breeze cool down your house and let the sun, light it up! 

 Easy Installation: The item comes with a velcro roll with high-performance adhesive tapes for easy installation on your doorsteps. No need for any hardware tools!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a difference between the door opening size and actual screen size?

A: The actual screen size is 1-2in bigger than the door size to give way for installation space.

Q: Can it fit in my workshop door of 36”x80” in size?

A: Yes. The variant of 36"x82" door opening will work for your workshop door. Just place it a little higher above your door to get the perfect fit.

Q: Won’t it fall off when opened continuously?

A: No. Proper installation with the velcro roll with high-quality adhesive tapes is durable.

How To Install:

  1. Measure your door size. If the door is smaller in height, position the screen higher than the upper edge of your door. If it is smaller in width, position it in farther corners of both areas.
  2. Make sure that the magnetic slit is at the center.
  3. Make sure that the position will leave no blank space especially on the bottom part of your door. 
  4. Attach the velcro roll using its opposite adhesive tapes. Use regular scissors to the velcro if necessary.
  5. Attach the magnetic door screen in the upper, right, and left corner of your door using the velcro roll. If needed, use drawing pins.
  6. Say hello to your bug proof house!

⚠️ Reminders:

  1. Make sure to accurately measure your door size. 
  2. Do not cut the magnetic door screen of optimal use. Reposition it instead.


  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 10.3 x 1.9 inches

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Magnetic Door Screen
  • 1 x Roll of Velcro
  • 1 x Box of Drawing Pins

You’ll never have to worry about the dangers of mosquitoes and flies with this Bug Proof Magnetic Door Screen! This one is selling fast so grab yours now!