Brake Pad Thickness Gauge

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Measuring Your Brake Pads Made Easier!

This little tool is a must-have for professionals and DIYers. No more getting so involved or guessing how much pad wear is present. Just take a quick swipe, and the answer is fast and accurate. Simple to use, but I fear loaning it out! Keep an eye on it because it might just disappear!” - Norman T.

Why Buy Our Brake Pad Thickness Gauge?

CONVENIENT: This tool measures the brake pads on your vehicle without needing to remove the wheel. It is suitable for internal and external brake pads that have a 6mm thick backing plate. Also, it features a 1.5mm, and calibration check marking for an accurate measurement.

PORTABLE: Its slim design enables the tool to locate the rear of the pad backing plate, allowing the probe to measure the distance between the lower side of the backing plate and the brake disc. You can easily carry and use it anywhere by simply putting it in your pocket or your car.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you calibrate? Our backing plates are bout half precal.

A: This tool is designed for a 6mm backing plate. There is no calibration adjustment to set it up for a different-size backing plate. If your backing plate is 5mm (1 mm less), then you have to add an extra mm to the measurement to get the accurate brake pad thickness and vice versa. 

Q: Will this work with heavy-duty trucks?

A: No, this is made for cars or motorcycles


  • Length: 13.5cm/5.31in
  • Item Weight:0.317 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 5.24 x 1.22 x 0.43 Inches

Package Inclusion:

  • 1x Brake Pad Thickness Gauge