Brake Caliper Press Tool

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“It's a great tool that's really easy to use. It's easy to compress brake caliper pistons with this tool, and it's even possible to compress twin piston calipers! Worked much better than a c-clamp!” - David Gibbs

Brake Caliper Press Tool

How Efficient Is This Tool? 👌

Convenient: The brake spreading tool features a 360-degree ratchet design that makes it simple to get into place and operate from any direction while also preventing hand fatigue from repetitive squeezing.

360 degree feature of Brake Caliper Press Tool

Durable: Built with high-quality spreading plates made of 1/8" thick steel. The lever handle has a crimson cushion, is skid-resistant, and is really comfortable to hold. Larger spreading plates are equipped with small magnets and cylindrical pins can be installed and removed from the compressor quickly and easily.

Brake Caliper Press Tool

Easy to use: The ratchet is located in the center of the twin piston brake caliper compressor, and the two spreading plates must remain parallel in order to uniformly distribute the force on the caliper piston in the event of caliper breakage or piston dislocation.

Brake Caliper Press Tool

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use this tool?
A: The spreading plates are expanded and retracted by swinging the long lever handle, and the positive and negative regulation is achieved by flicking the ratchet's reversing switch. Because of the ratcheting mechanism, both spreading plates require pressure to begin the ratchet. Squeeze them for the first few swings until the appropriate size to put into the calipers is reached, then swing away.

Q: What are the functions of the two spreading plates?
A: Two spreading plates are used in the brake piston expander.
  • Smaller ones are ideal for disc brake systems with fixed calipers (twin and quad pistons) or floating calipers (single and twin pistons).
  • Larger ones are better suited to fixed calipers with sextuplet pistons. Also, unlike some brakes, this ratcheting caliper spreader is meant to "push" the piston back, rather than twisting and compressing at the same time.
Brake Caliper Press Tool Specifications
Brake Caliper Press Tool Package Inclusions


    • Use gloves and goggles while using this tool
    • Check and follow the instruction manual
    • This brake caliper press tool is for disc brakes only; it is not suitable for drum brakes.
    • Both spreading plates require pressure to catch the ratchet and move the plates together / apart due to the ratcheting mechanism.


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