Bottom Wipe Toilet Aid

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The Self Assist Tool You Need!

"A must-have tool for those who have motion or stiff joint issues. Very easy to use and it lasts longer compared to other brands! Happy with this purchase!" - Diane L. 

Why Buy Our Bottom Wipe Toilet Aid?

EASY TO USE: Just wrap the toilet paper around the head of the wiper and push a portion into the opening. Wipe your bottom and press the handle to release the paper for sanitization. 

HIGH QUALITY: Made of high-quality plastic, the ends are soft rubber making it comfortable and durable to provide long-term strength and use. The flexible end is extremely soft against the skin for added comfort.

CONVENIENT: This Bottom Wipe Toilet Aid has a 15 inches long handle that allows you to easily reach the right place, helping those who are difficult to bend over and turn around to get to complete the wipe. 


  • Ideal for arm and upper body movements due to accidents, surgery, stroke, pregnancy, back problems, limited mobility, or other conditions and for even seniors.
  • For anyone who needs toileting & cleaning assistance but would rather not require someone’s help.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the handle?

A: The handle is 15 inches long.

Q: How to use this?


  1. Wrap toilet paper in the head of the tool.
  2. Insert the excess paper into the groove on the head of the tool.
  3. After the toilet is over, use the tool to wipe your bottom.
  4. After wiping, press the top button of the tool to release the tissue.

(To clean, simply wash with warm water and soap. Then hang it on the hook provided to let it dry.)

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