Bolt Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set

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Easy Bolt Extraction!

"I ordered this item because I broke a grease zerk end off in my car dolly. The set came and I went out to remove the end stuck in the dolly, the part that came out with me just hand-turning the tool is great! I have used this several times since and always with success.” -Greg Lopez

Why Buy Our Bolt Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set?

✅COMPLETE KIT: The Bolt Screw Extractor Drill Bit Set will easily extract any broken bolts or stripped screws. It comes with drill bits sizes ranging from ⅛” to 1”. Each drill bit piece isn’t bound to one measure of screw or bolt, #1 for 1/8"-1/4", #2 for 1/4"-5/16", #3 for 5/16"-7/16", #4 for 7/16"-9/16", #5 for 9/16"-3/4", #6 for 3/4"-1.0".

✅EFFICIENT: This drill bit set can be used with drills or wrenches depending on the situation. You only need two steps for this to work. Use your drill to bore a hole for the extractor drill bit, choose the right size, and extract it by using the drill bit. Easy, efficient, and less frustrating.


  • If you’re going to use a hand drill or wrench to remove a screw or bolt, you need to turn it counterclockwise.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the biggest screw it can extract?

A: It can extract up to 1” size screws.

Q: Do I need to use a drill?

A: No, you can use a wrench or a hand drill.


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