Boat Fender

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Keep Your Boat Protected From Scratches & Marks!

"These worked great! We have fenders we keep at our dock at our marina. But we needed a set for docking at restaurants, islands, amusement parks, etc. So, we keep these on the boat for that purpose. They are easy to hang over the pole at the dock and tighten up. They seemed to stay put pretty well, and if they continue to work this well, we will buy another set.” - AJ L.

Why Buy Our Boat Fender?

✅RELIABLE: This Fender keeps your boat protected from getting scratched and damaged when tied up at the dock and around other boats. It has an integrated nylon strap with a lock that easily and securely attaches your boat to the dock.

✅HEAVY DUTY: It is made in marine-grade vinyl construction with extra-long nylon straps that are durable and can withstand salt, sun, and attrition. Its high-strength fender ropes are round, flexible, and smooth. They offer a low stretch with minimal water absorption and a stitched fender loop for easy fender connection. 

✅WIDE APPLICATION: The Fender is designed to protect the gunwale as well as the hull of your boat from getting scratches and marks. It fits most bass boats, pontoon boats, ski boats, Jon boats, small fishing boats, and bow riders with low freeboards.


  • Place one docking fender at every 10 feet of boat length.
  • Intended for use with boats 15-25 feet long.
  • For boats under 30 feet, deploy no less than three fenders.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would these work on a 22 ft pontoon boat?

A: Yes, you just need to ensure that it is hung at an angle that aligns with the contour of your boat's hull. It will prevent your boat from getting caught on top of the dock.

Q: Are these good for a jet ski?

A: Yes