Beer Foam Maker

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Why do you need the Beer Foam Maker?

If you’re too careful in pouring your beer in a glass so as not to make any foam, then you’re drinking it wrong. Let me repeat that: YOU’RE DRINKING YOUR BEER WRONG!”

You ask why? Honey, without the foam you’re not getting the best out of your beer. You see, serving and drinking beer with a head (or the foam formed by carbon dioxide rising from the beer) brings out complex and intense aromas and flavor our palate always miss from playing it safe with a neatly-poured beer.

Beer head is even more exciting when I tell you that it’s even good to consume beer that way. It reduces your chance of bloating after drinking beer. But of course, we need the normal-sized beer heads which the Beer Foam Maker can readily provide!

Why “our” Beer Foam Maker?

If you really are a beer enthusiast, you know that nothing in the world is as delicious as a beer with its carbon dioxide fizzling up to form a normal-sized beer head. This, and definitely more is what our Beer Foam Maker can offer. It is made with ultrasonic foam design and uses ultrasonic technology to bring out the great, refreshing taste of the bear with its silky, creamy-like-milk foam. Its foam also makes the carbonic acid in the tank not volatile which means it doesn’t easily oxidize and therefore prolongs the unique aromatic taste of the beer and freshens up its taste, even the canned ones! It’s battery-operated so it’s very convenient and good news is that you can always bring it outdoors in campings, pubs and the outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What kind of battery does it use?
  • It uses 2 seventh battery.

  • Does the change in temperature affect its ability to make froth and will my beer taste different?
  • Not really because it can actually adapt to temperatures ranging from -22°F (-30°C) to 176°F (80°C).

  • Can this maintain the coldness of the beer?
  • For the record, it does not make the beer cold but it maintains the coldness of the beer for a considerable amount of time because the Beer Foam Maker is made from eco-friendly ABS material, silicone and aluminum so the material is insulated.

  • Can this be used with different beer containers of different diameters?
  • Actually, it is intentionally designed for any regular-sized canned beers and is shaped like a bottle so you can easily pour out the contents in your beer glass.

  • Does the size of glass to where I transfer the beer from the foam maker affect the size or height of the froth?
  • The way you pour the beer affects how much froth you get from a beer but since the foam maker already makes the froth, the real question here is how much longer will the beer head stay, which is answered by the size of the glass to where it’s being transferred. Beer glasses are intentionally larger to provide a larger surface area because beer head is supported by surface tension. So larger beer glasses hold up beer head longer.

  • Will the beer head work and stay in plastic or paper cups too?
  • Definitely as long as cups are clean, dry and free of oil but nothing works better than using clean beer glasses.

  • How do I clean this?
  • Just rinse the inside with warm water 3 times and your Beer Foam Maker is clean and ready for use again.

    Package includes:

    *1 Beer Foam Maker

    For the love of fizzle, get this Beer Foam Maker! You never know what you’re missing out until you try using one.