Bedside Shelf

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Relaxing in bed has never been this convenient! 🛌📥

Bedside Shelf

“I got this for my son to use in his twin-size bed and it’s just perfect. The installation was fairly easy. I’m glad I bought this because it’s very convenient! My son puts his water bottle, iPad, and books in it. I highly recommend this!” - Anna Jacobs

Bedside Shelf

Why Is This The Perfect Bed Accessory? 💯

✅  CONVENIENT: This shelf can be attached to the side of the bed to conveniently access items while saving space. 

  • It comes with cable clip holders for easy cable management. The cable clip holders have adhesive pads, making them easily stick to the shelf. 
Bedside Shelf
Cable Management Holder

✅  STURDY: It can hold up to 15 pounds of weight, allowing you to put a variety of items.


✅  VERSATILE: It is suitable for most beds that have bed frames, and it can be used as a workspace, bookshelf, food tray, night stand, and many more!


✅  EASY TO INSTALL: There are no tools required for the installation. Simply hook the shelf onto the bed frame -- it’s that easy! The shelf comes with adjustable strong clamps and anti-scratching pad.

Easy to install

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this compatible with any bed?

A: It’s compatible with beds that have bed frames for the shelf to clamp onto. The maximum width of the clamp is 2.7 inches, so the thickness of your bed frame should be the same in size or thinner.  

Q: How do I install this?


  1. Attach the shelf to the bed frame / bedside. 
  2. Secure the shelf to the bed frame using the two adjustable clamps. 
Installation process
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