Bathroom Cup Holder

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Color: Gray
Style: 2 cups with squeezer
$29.99 $79.99


Why do we need a Bathroom Cup Holder? 

Order and safety are hard to do in a place that is always used by people like the bathroom. People go in and out of it. 

And most of the time, people lost their things inside the bathroom. Like hairclip, tubes, creams, sachets, packs, and other small things that suddenly disappear. 

Bathroom Cup Holder is here to make your bathroom experience good and simply amazing. It keeps all your things in place and keeps you from having unexpected accidents due to scattered shampoo bottles and other stuff. 

Why buy our Bathroom Cup Holder? 

Because it is the fruit of many innovations and developments made to give our bathroom the upgrade and right accessory it should have. 

Not only does it holds cups but it also makes your teeth brushing activity easier by providing you with a toothpaste dispenser. Also, it can hold atop it your shampoo and shower gel bottles. It also has a mini drawer where you can out your creams and other small necessities like hairbands or clips. 

Below you can hang and keep your toothbrushes safe and clean. Beside it is the cup holders, which are attached to it through magnets. 

It can also hold your phone, so when you have your phone with you and playing some music in the shower it can safely hold it. 

All of this in one simple and comprehensive bathroom organizer. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Can this hold soap bars? 
It can but make sure that when you are putting your soap bars in there that it will not keep too much water otherwise the holder will be flooded. 

How many toothbrushes can it hold? 
It can hold up to 6 brushes. 

How do you install this? Do I have to drill this? 
No. The back of the holder has an industrial grade adhesive that you can stick in the wall. 

I see that it has a toothpaste dispenser? Does any toothpaste brand work with this? 
Yes, it does as long as it is in tube form so the dispenser can work its mechanisms in there. 

I have big bottles, I am worried that it might not be able to carry the weight of it… 
Don't worry because the holder can carry up to 12 lbs of weight. So you don't have to worry if it will fall or not. 

Package Includes:
*a choice between a 2-cups holder with squeezer or more than 3-cups holder with squeezer

Your bathroom necessities do not have to be scattered or disappearing all the time. You can have them all in one organized place that keeps you in order and safe. 

No more shouting for someone asking them if they saw your deodorant or something.