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Why do we need an Air Blower?

Because it is freaking hard to light a fire or maintain a fire. When you are camping you might run out of matches or gas for your lighters or mini-flamethrower because you can’t light a fire or stoke it enough so it will be stable. Most of the time you even have to fan the hell out of your charcoal pit just to get the fire stable.

Talk about a complete frustration and pain in the arms.

What is the sense in having a flamethrower or having the latest lighting device if you can’t maintain even a small fire, right? That is why an Air Blower is needed.

So you won’t have a difficult time lighting a fire or maintaining it.

Why buy our Air Blower?

We have sourced the easiest and most affordable yet reliable air blower in the market. It is easy to use and so handy that you won’t even feel the hassle of cooking in a camp or grilling a barbecue when using it. It is a simple handheld air blower likened to a gun, but this one blows the right pressure and intensity of air to maintain or stoke a fire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is the battery used for this air blower and is it rechargeable?
  • This barbecue air blower uses 4 AA batteries to function. No, it’s not rechargeable so once the batteries’ power is used, it needs to be replaced for the blower to function again. The output of the blower depends greatly on the quality of battery used and for how long will the power last is also dependent on the batteries and your frequency of use. Using it every weekend might last the batteries until 2 or 3 months at most.

  • Does it ignite the coals?
  • No. It does not have fuel and therefore does not release fire but it releases a focused flow of air that will help the fire from the embers grow and is very useful when you’re starting a fire in your grill so the fire can grow fast and easy.

  • Is it durable and heat resistant?
  • The product is made of high-quality plastic material for the body where the battery compartment is also located so it is not wholly heat resistant but it has a stainless steel air tube with a considerable length of 2.32” inches (5.9 cm) connected to the body where air flows and goes out and can withstand heat.

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Definitely! It is intended to make grilling easier so it’s also designed with an easy operation on and off switch. Just place it near the lighted coals, click the on the switch and let the air it releases do the work of blowing or fanning for you.

  • How strong is the force of the air coming out of the blower?
  • It is more or less like a hair blower/ dryer in low mode. The power of the air or wind force will still actually depend on how you put the batteries in the compartment and how good your battery so makes sure to invest in good quality batteries to get the most out of this product. It’s also intended that the wind force is not as high or as powerful so embers, dust, and dirt will not blow over foods being grilled to keep it clean.

    Package Includes:
    (1) Air Blower

    Camping, barbecue nights, and bonfires should not be a hassle. It should be full of fun, memories and stories. Don’t let the dying fire be a hindrance to your nights of bonding use the Air Blower to stoke the heat of the fire and continue your memory making moments.

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