Bamboo Drawer Divider (Set of 4)

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Say goodbye to messy drawers! 🙌

Bamboo Drawer Divider (Set of 4)

“What a great divider! I use them in my kitchen drawers. I love that it’s made of bamboo so it’s eco-friendly AND it helps create a very organized and neat drawer. It’s also in very great quality!

- Yasmin Lee

Without divider VS using the Bamboo Drawer Divider

How Can This Divide and Organize? ✨

✅  VERSATILE: This divider can be used for any drawer organization need such as in kitchen drawers, bedroom drawers, office drawers, and many more!

Versatile Bamboo Drawer Divider

✅  EXPANDABLE: It can be expanded from 17.5 to 21.65 inches, making it easy to be installed in different sizes of drawers.

Expandable Bamboo Drawer Divider

✅  EASY TO INSTALL: This divider doesn’t need any tool when installing - it features a strong spring mechanism so you just have to squeeze it together before you put it into your drawer and it includes non-slip rubber pads on the ends to keep it in place and to protect the drawer from scratches.

Easy to install Bamboo Drawer Divider with spring mechanism

✅  DURABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: It’s handmade from natural organic bamboo material, by using cold compression, high-temperature hot pressing, and 3-time finishing polish technology, making it eco-friendly and durable for years of use with minimal maintenance. 



  • Wipe clean the drawer dividers with soapy water and keep it air dry.
  • Don't keep the drawers in a humid place for a long time.


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these dividers easy to take out/remove?

A: Yes, they’re easy to take out. They are held in place by spring tension so they just slide out by easily releasing the tension. 

Q: Can this be used in any size of drawer?

A: The divider is 12.65 inches when fully expanded, so the inside of your drawer would have to have the same size or shorter.


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