Bamboo Cable Management Box

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Say goodbye to tangled, messy, and risky wires! 💯

“This is a good cable management box. I like that it’s made of bamboo, and it has a lot of room for power strips and wires. No more dealing with tangled wires anymore.” - Jinnie Tyler

 How Can This Efficiently Organize Cables? 🙌

✅ EFFICIENT: This box features a cable management system to securely hide cables, wires, and power strips, making a space organized and safe. 

Bamboo Cable Management Box
  • It has a compact and efficient design as it comes with a magnetic lid for enhanced safety, and two opening slits on each side, allowing easy organizing and ventilation of cables and power strips.
Magnetic Lid for Enhanced Security

✅ JUMBO-SIZED: This Cable Management Box features a jumbo design, providing more space to fit in cables, wires, power strips, or surge protectors. 


✅ COMPLETE SET: The box also comes with ten velcro management ties that are reusable, and one silicone wire organizer block that allows you to keep 5 cables in place neatly. 

Complete set

✅ ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: This Cable Management Box is made of 100% sustainable bamboo material, making it environmentally-friendly.

Made of 100% sustainable bamboo material

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are its interior dimensions? 

A: The interior measures 5” wide, 13.8” long and 7.1” deep. 

Q: Will the cables overheat when placed inside this box?

A: No, it won’t overheat as the two opening slits on the sides provide enough ventilation.

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