Ball Joint Separator Tool

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Easy Ball Joint Removal!

“I’m using this tool to eliminate the need to use a pickle fork to separate the ball joint. Although I've used the fork in the past and it does the job; I found this ball joint separator to be easier than beating on the fork to remove the ball joint. It’s definitely much better and worth it! - Sean L.

Why Buy Our Ball Joint Separator Tool?

EASY TO USE: This tool provides the quickest and easiest removal of ball joints in most vehicles. It separates the ball joint from the spindle support arm and makes it possible to replace even top-of-the-line ball joints on domestic and import front-wheel drive vehicles. All you’ll need is a 3/4-inch socket and grease to remove them. 


DURABLE: It is constructed with steel and black oxide pins for additional longevity and durability. It also features a fork opening that measures ⅞”, and the ball separator tool has a maximum opening range of 1-⅛” to 2-⅛” for compatibility with a wide variety of vehicles. 


  • Ball joints need to be changed on average every 75,000 to 150,000 miles. 
  • Symptoms of your vehicle’s ball joints going bad include hearing a clunking sound when the car is in motion, pulling in one direction as you drive, uneven tire wear, and a lack of smoothness when driving.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work in Toyota 4runner 2016?

A: Yes. it does.

Q: Will this work on an Audi q5?

A: Yes


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