Automated Wireless Garden Pruner

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Keep your garden and surroundings in order by having a handy cutter

Why do we need an Automated Wireless Garden Pruner?

Gardening can sometimes take your patience away then when you are dealing with sticks and branches that get in the way you just want to hack them all. 

But of course, we need to curate and organize our garden for our little guilty pleasure. 

Good thing we have a handy little Automated Wireless Garden Pruner to help you get your garden, backyard or surroundings get in order. 

And hey! If you are a bonsai lover then this Automated Wireless Garden Pruner will be your sidekick. 

Why buy our Automated Wireless Garden Pruner? 

Because it is compact and lightweight. Especially suitable for women and the elderly. The Automated Garden Pruner makes it easy to trim and enjoy the trimming process effortlessly.

It is rechargeable. No need to buy dozens of batteries!. It has a 1.5Ah (1,500 mah) battery that can be easily recharged using its dedicated charger.

Then, of course, safety first. Built with the double trigger, the safety button has to be pressed first to trigger the start switch to ensure the safety during the operation and avoid the accidental press of the trigger that can cause serious injuries.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs):

Question: What is this Automated Wireless Garden Pruner used for?
Answer: The powerful pruner can cut most types of branches, help you easily complete daily garden maintenance work, orchard/flowers/vineyard/home bonsai branch trim. Compared to ordinary gardening scissors, the cordless rechargeable pruning tool is more efficient, safer and more comfortable.

Question: What is the battery capacity?
Answer: This device has a built-in 1.5AH (1,500 mAh) rechargeable battery. Cordless design allows you to widen the working range. Make trimming a pleasure work.

Question: What is the purpose of the second button?
Answer: A secondary button is built for safety, you must first press the safety button of the wireless pruner to trigger the start switch to ensure safety during operation.

Question: Are the blades durable?
Answer: The blades of this wireless pruner, is made of high-quality special steel, which provides easy trimming of branches with a maximum diameter of 14 mm (0.55 inches).

Question: What kind of branches can it cut?
Answer: The wireless pruner can effortlessly cut all kinds of plants such as roses, flowers, berry plants, shrubs, and other plants with 10mm (0.39 inches) to 14mm 0.55 inches) diameter of branches.

 Package Includes:
*1 automated wireless garden pruner

No more splinters, stressed hands or annoying branches because the Automated Wireless Garden Pruner does the hard work for you and keeps your garden organized and you happy. 

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