Auto-Ranging Clamp Multimeter

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All Purpose Multimeter!

“I needed a nice little digital multimeter for my camper. This one fits the bill perfectly. It is easy to read and is overall accurate. Has all the features I needed (Volts AC & DC, Current, Continuity). Works really well. I highly recommend it.” - Tom S.

Why Buy Our Auto-Ranging Clamp Multimeter?

VERSATILE: This multimeter can accurately measure AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Frequency or Duty Cycle, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode, Continuity, and Temperature tests. It also has true RMS for precise measurement of non-linear loads and is an essential tool in solving industrial or household electrical problems.

CONVENIENT: It has non-contact voltage detection with sound and light alarms to effectively check the electrical status by measuring EM field intensity without touching any wires. It also features low input impedance that helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage and a low pass filter for the exact measurement of variable frequency drive signals when measuring motors and transformers.

PORTABLE: The multimeter has a built-in two-color backlit LCD and a flashlight, making it easy to work in dark areas. It also has a large jaw opening of up to 1” and is compact for effortless transport and storage. Suitable for checking and diagnosing electrical issues in the household, industrial, and automotive. 


  • This multimeter has passed the environmental pollution test degree 2 and overvoltage category III 600V safety standards.
  • If current> 3A, the orange display lights up.
  • Long press the Z/F key for the ZERO function. ZERO function decreases the data error influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field and helps you to obtain a more accurate measurement.
  • Before measuring the DC, long-press and hold the Z/F key until the ZERO character appears to clear the data.
  • Press the "Z/F" button to switch the respective secondary function between the different measurements, such as between AC and DC.
  • No operation in 15 minutes, the clamp meter will beep 3 times. Without a further operation, it will beep again and switches off automatically.
  • To measure the current you need to clamp the meter around one of the wires and not the whole power cord. The power cord contains two wires carrying current and a ground wire. The current in two wires always flows in opposite directions, so the magnetic fields from two wires canceling each other, therefore the meter reads 0 A. Grasp the individual current conductor to be measured and close the current clamp again. The measured conductor must be placed in the center of the clamp, otherwise, additional errors will occur.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the max temperature for the probe?

A: The temperature range is -20 °C-1000°C, -4°F-1832°F.

Q: Can it measure microfarads?

A: Yes, this multimeter can measure microfarads. The capacitance range is 10nf-100mf.


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