Anti-grease Kitchen Towel (5 pack)

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Why do we need an Anti-grease Kitchen Towel?

When you are washing your dishes, or wiping off your table, or cleaning your stove, or just cleaning your kitchen tools you will need something to help you make sure that no grease or oil is left behind in your cleaning process.

We can’t all clean our dishes sparkly and totally greaseless, there will be a 5% chance that grease will be left behind even after your washing. So to help with this is an Anti-grease Kitchen Towel.

Anti-grease Kitchen Towel makes sure that nothing is left behind when you clean. Sparkly, squeaky clean.

Why buy our Anti-grease Kitchen Towel?

Because it is made of bamboo fiber, totally eco-friendly. It is easily washable and dries easily too. It is super-absorbent yet easy to clean wash. It is perfectly reusable and can repeatedly wipe grease and oil from your dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How big is the towel?
It is a 7.5 inches x 6 inches towel. Big enough to cover a large-sized plate.

What is it made of?
It is made of bamboo fiber. The bamboo fiber is woven along with the cotton fiber.

Does it really remove grease?
Yes, it does. It takes away grease in one swipe and we suggest that you rinse it before you use it again.

Do I get to pick the color of the towel?
No, it will be sent to you in random.


Package Includes:
*5 pack of 7.5 inches x 6 inches in random colors.

Make sure that everything is clean and grease-free with the Anti-grease Kitchen Towel, your kitchen cleaning buddy.

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