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Transform Your Standard Angle Grinder Into A Chop Saw! 

Do you want to make flat and straight cuts with your angle grinder? Are you having a hard time creating squares and getting the right angles? 

Well, we’ve got the tool for you! 

Why do you need an Angle Grinder Stand? 

As you know, an angle grinder, also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, is a handheld power tool used for grinding (abrasive cutting) and polishing.

This stand will transform your standard angle grinder into a chop saw for precise cutting of pipes, woodblocks, and other materials. 

Compared to cutting materials freehand, this Angle Grinder Stand is safer and simpler to use

Just bolt your 100 - 125 angle grinder to this stand onto your workbench and you instantly get better control of the cutting wheel

Why buy our Angle Grinder Stand? 

This Angle Grinder Stand is made with a heavy-duty iron base and has an array of fully adjustable parts

Features a retractable blade guard, a miter clamp with a maximum tightening size of 80 mm and 45-degree capacity and vice jaw that holds square or round stock securely.

Works on even the thickest of strip metal and allows you to cut from various angles without breaking a sweat. 

It comes with a strength reinforcing lever with spring-return for comfortable and accurate work.

With this durable and easy to operate tool you’re sure to make clean cuts in seconds

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Question: How to adjust the angle on the clamp?
Answer: Loosen the screws to adjust the position and angle of the clamp. Tighten the screws after the position has been adjusted. Ensure that the workpiece is in the center of the cutting disc.

Question: How to set the grinder on the cutting slot?
Answer: Loosen the adjusting screws and move left or right to ensure that the cutting blade is aligned to the hole of the cutting base, tighten the screws and make sure that the angle grinder is fixed securely.

Question: How to secure the base to work table?
Answer: There are two (2) screw slots from the base (upper and lower part), create a screw slot on your work table to securely fix the angle grinder stand in place.

How to choose a suitable angle grinder:

  1. The cutting disc diameter should be 100-125mm.
  2. Both sides of the angle grinder all should have the handle hole.
  3. The size of the angle grinder head should be no more than 85mm.


  1. Fix the handle onto the stand with the washer and nut provided.
  2. Fix the angle grinder onto the holders with screws and nuts.
  3. Adjust the adjusting screws to ensure that the cutting blade is vertical to the base and that the angle grinder is fixed securely.
  4. Press down the handle and check the position of cutting blade, it should be within the cutting hole of the base. If not, loosen the screws and adjust the position of the stand accordingly.
  5. Fix the protective guard.
  6. Run the grinder for a few seconds, switch off.
  7. check that all screws, nuts, and bolts are tight.


  • Use protective gear gloves, face shield, and earplugs when cutting any materials.
  • The stand must be secured to a firm level surface.
  • Ensure that no flammable materials are in the area before starting work.
  • Sparks from the grinder will damage paint, glass and other surfaces.


  1. Clamp the workpiece.

      1.1 Rotate the screw knob and loosen the clamp.

      1.2 Put workpiece in the clamp and then tighten the screw to hold the workpiece securely.

  1. Cutting.

      2.1. Switch on the angle grinder and press down handle to cut the workpiece with the angle grinder.

      2.2. Start cutting with slight force and apply even force during cutting.


  • Dimensions L x W x H (in.):  9 13/32 x 7 1/2 x 11
  • Gross Weight: 6.0 lbs.

Package Specification:
1 x Angle Grinder Stand

What are you waiting for? Get any DIY project or professional job done by modifying your angle grinder into essentially a mini chop saw! 

You can have the ability to create square and flat cuts on metal, wood or other materials with ease using a tool that’s just a little bigger than a lunchbox. 

So if you want straight and precise cuts + save some money and space on your workbench, then this Angle Grinder Stand is the ideal tool for you!

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