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Woodwork the easy way...

Why do we need an Angle Clamp? 

More often than not, when we repair our wood furniture we have to do it alone, or we tend to do it ourselves because it's less expensive that way. 

But then aligning wood corners together is harder than it looks. We have to hold them with one hand while maintaining balance and with the other hand drilling. 

Difficult isn't it? 

But this Angle Clamp will certainly help you! It's easy to use and will make you work efficiently and effectively! 

Why buy our Angle Clamp? 

It is EASIER TO USE THAN OTHER BRANDS. The quick-lock handles and adjustable clamping thickness makes this Angle Clamp easy to use. The + and – indicators make it easier to adjust the clamp to loosen or tighten, no more guessing which side to adjust!

No need for screws just to use it. 

IT SAVES YOU TIME. With the help of the Angle Clamp, it allows you to use both hands while creating holes for the fastener and add the fasteners as well. No more one-hand operation when adding holes and fasteners, making it faster to assemble!

KEEP IT AT THE RIGHT ANGLE. The Angle Clamp's  V and wedge jaws grip the mating pieces securely, ensuring that the pieces sit at precise 90° angles. Need less work on checking if its correct angle, and allowing you to work more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the purpose of this clamp?
Answer: The Angle Clamp helps to hold assemblies like boxes, cabinets, drawers, and cases together to ensure that you get strong, tight-fitting, and perfect 90° corners of your assemblies. 

Question: What type of work can it be used in?
Answer: The Angle Clamp provides a secure hold to 90° corners and “T” joints together securely when you’re assembling boxes, drawers, cabinets, and cases. The Angle Clamp allows both hands to freely add and secure fasteners.

Question: How does it secure the two pieces of wood?
Answer: The Angle Clamp's V and wedge jaws grip the mating pieces securely, ensuring that the pieces sit at precise 90° angles while you drive in screws, nails or wood screws.

Question: Is the clamping thickness adjustable?
Answer: The Angle Clamp quick-adjust handle enables fast and easy adjustments for varying stock or wood thickness up to 1-1/4". Perfect for drawer construction and shelf installation. 

Question: Is the Angle Clamp durable?
Answer: The Angle Clamp is made of all-metal construction, including aluminum outer V and inner wedge pads. The pads press the inside and outside faces of the two pieces being joined in order to hold those pieces at a 90° angle to one another. Also, designed with edge stops that securely align the edges of the pieces to ensure accurate assembly.

Package Includes:
*1 angle clamp

This Angle Clamp is the perfect assistant. It will be your personal helping hand when doing work alone. No more single hand drilling which makes work harder than ever. 

Get one for yourself now and start experiencing a hassle-free work. 

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