Aluminum Telescoping Plank

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Size: 9 FT
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Your Feet Will Thank You!

"I’m a painter, so I am up and down ladders all the time. Standing in ladders with small rungs for a very long time can really hurt your feet. The 6-9 ft plank is the most versatile plank I have because it is so lightweight. Since the plank is wider than a ladder rung my feet don’t hurt as much. It’s a big game changer for me.- Tony Rossi

Why Buy Our Aluminum Telescoping Plank?

✅COMFORTABLE: The Telescoping Plank makes you comfortable while you are working high up on a ladder. It connects to two ladders and gives you a solid and stable base to do your work whether it be drywalling or painting.

✅STRONG: It follows and exceeds ANSI, CSA & OSHA standards. It is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that makes it able to withstand 250 pounds easily. It also has an anti-slip surface that makes it safer to walk and work on.

✅TOUGH: The planks come in 9 ft and 13 ft varieties. The first variation is a 6 ft folded and 9 ft length unfolded while the second one is 8 ft folded and 13 ft unfolded. It is lightweight for its capacity (31 pounds) and you can use other ladders to make it more stable.



  • Before using the plank, check that all parts function properly and there is no damage. Make sure rivets and joints are secure and tight.
  • Make sure the plank is dry and clean as well as your footwear to prevent any accidents.
  • Compatible with stepladders, multi-position, and single ladders.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is it extended and folded?

A: The 9’ variation is 6’ folded and 9’ extended. The 13’ variation is 8’ folded and 13’ extended.

Q: Does it follow ANSI, CSA & OSHA standards?

A: Yes, it does.


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